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Sip 'N' Sizzle

 Times spent with good food and good people.

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Sip "N" Sizzle



It's that time again! Universal Mortgage Architects is pleased to announce this year's Sip "N" Sizzle contest. The party will held at the Nowik residence on July 17th, AND, did we mention, IT IS A VEGAS THEME!

Unlike slot machines, here are the rules. Refer your clients to one of our mortgage professionals between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2014. Referrals that become an approved, committed mortgage will earn you a ballot.  One ballot will get you an invitation to dinner and the party, maybe a little Black Jack. Two or more ballots will have you entered to win one of three prizes. A minimum of two ballots is required to be entered into the draw. You must be present to win!!

**BALLOTS WILL INCLUDE, purchases, refinances and pre-approval gone live.

This year we will be giving away two prizes but just to keep things fun we will have

1)   One week accommodation in Scottsdale with $500.00

2)   One week accommodation in Maui with $500.00

3)   Four Nights in Las Vegas, hotel and airfare from Vancouver included

The person with the most ballots will automatically win and can choose from the above prizes. The remaining two will be the choice for the winner of the reverse draw. Please note the prizes are non-transferrable.

Follow our leader board. Closer to the date we will give you more details on the party….. Get those deals in and polish up on your black jack and poker….funny money will be there to use for play!!


For any questions please call any of our team!!!


2014 Leader Board
  Participant Name Number of Ballots
1 Dawn Walton 5
2 Larry McNabb 4
3 Paige Manns 3
4 Brian McCullough 3
5 Jen Stanger 2
6 Angela West 2
7 Bill Willgress 2
8 Blaine Froats 1
9 Trish Turnbull 2
10 Dave Hitchcock 2
11 Janice Stromar 2
12 Merrilee Tognella 2
13 Ian Mackay 2
14 Sandy Harper 1
15 Nicola Ta 1
16 Peter Gallacher 1
17 Rosanna Duffy 1
18 Aaron Nicklen 1
19 Alex Penner 1
20 Dustin Layzell 1
21 Elaine Wilkinson 1
22 Gary Sturgeon 1
23 Greg Buchanan 1
24 Joe Bratkowski 1
25 Lori Brothers 1
26 Michele Blanchette 2
27 Myles McCullough 1
28 Rob Boyle 1
29 Roger Beck 2
30 Terri Beaudoin 1
 31 Chris Crump
 32 Jane Garcia  2
33 Ed Garner 1
34 Ed Meljholm 1
35 Jim Hoffman 1
36 John Surtees 1
37 Lorne Gait 1
38 Lynne Simpson 1
39 Ryan Andrew 1
40 Sherry Brown 1


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